Francisco J. Ramos Mena, translator

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Speaking volumes

This website is almost ready. Well, I'm actually still thinking about a good presentation text, you know what I mean, a compelling pitch talking about my years of experience, my pro skills, and why it might be a very good idea to have a translation done from me. But at the end of the day, actions speak louder than words, so why don't we just do without all that hype for now and you take a look at the books I've translated to date?

Below you will find some of my most recent translations and some others that have been bestsellers (either in English, in Spanish, or both). Likewise, in the Translations section you can see the complete list of all the books I have translated so far from English into Spanish: right now 131, and rising...

If you dare with Spanish, you can take a look at my Spanish blog, where I have been posting a short review of all my translations since 2018 (not only from English, but also from Italian, French and Catalan), or even at my Spanish site, where you will find a short list of some of the best-known authors I have translated so far.

Finally, if you want to contact me or need to ask me for more information, you can email me. Feel free to do it anytime you want. I will be happy to answer you, and if the opportunity arises, it will be a pleasure to work with you, your organization or your publisher by offering a top-quality translation, just like I always do.

Some bestselling translations

Una tierra prometida
November 2020 (co-translated)

Translated from:
A Promised Land